To measure and ensure early success of the Initiative, the following short-term indicators outline some of the achievements that should be attained by 2023 at the latest:

  • All LDCs have a strong renewable energy component in their NDC;
  • All LDCs have a focal point group, with delivery units and a multi-stakeholder platform for sustainable energy providing ownership and oversight across government, with citizen representation;
  • All LDCs have an energy plan aligned with the LDC REEEI and targets based on robust longterm pathway analysis, with integrated analysis for on grid and decentralised solutions and targets for improving access for rural areas and disadvantaged regions.
  • All LDCs have high standards of environmental and social safeguards with gender-analysis informed approaches to ensure women, youth and disadvantaged groups are economically empowered through energy access.
  • All LDCs have a finance platform and have prioritised challenges to increase investment and to access international public funds.