LDC REEEI is a strategic framework for driving transformative change across sectors and a platform for sharing experiences and disseminating knowledge to reach universal energy access and accelerate the transition to renewable energy and energy efficiency in all LDCs.

The Initiative will consult multiple stakeholders in each country to help them develop their own solutions and action plans to leapfrog to modern renewable energy systems.

Primarily the Initiative will focus on developing and accelerating the implementation of national renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. The Initiative will also collaborate with regional, national, and local stakeholders to jointly identify opportunities to make energy services more accessible and affordable for productive uses, social services such as education and health, and to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

LDC REEEI will assist countries in mobilizing and developing capacities, in formulating tailored policies and regulations, and in drawing lessons from a growing body of experience in deploying renewable energy technologies. It will also support country-led efforts to access climate dedicated funding such as the Green Climate Fund, Global Environment Facility, LDC Fund, Adaptation Fund, and Special Climate Change Fund.

With international backing LDC REEEI will enter into its Establishment Phase by working with a series of ‘pioneer’ countries, who are ready to begin developing and implementing programs to increase access to clean energy and improve energy efficiency measures. LDC REEEI is predicated on solidarity and cooperation rather than competition: the lessons from the efforts of pioneering countries will be shared and adapted to other LDCs.