The LDC REEEI Vision

The LDC REEEI is premised on a long-term perspective of genuine participation, socio-economic equity and climate compatible development. ‘

The Initiative envisions a rapid paradigm shift in the global energy sector towards 100% renewable, participatory and equitable energy systems while providing electricity access to over 540 million people across LDCs who currently lack access.

The LDC REEEI envisions a rapid paradigm shift in the global energy sector towards 100% renewable energy and participatory and equitable energy systems.

Renewable energy harnessed everywhere…

Energy will play a crucial role in achieving LDCs’ development aspirations. Renewable sources of energy from sun, wind, waves, biomass and geothermal will be harnessed everywhere, by every community, by many households, and by farmers, small businesses, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial buildings and factories, as well as in larger-scale power plants.

Renewable energy will become a source of income for the many, a way to empower communities, a tool for increasing resilience and breaking dependencies on other countries and big firms, an enabler of a flourishing of economic activity by local farms, local businesses and a functioning public sector.

LDCs taking charge of their future

Through dedicated efforts LDCs will work together and pioneer a model of energy and development that is in accord with what both people and the planet need.

Hence, while economically poorest and particularly vulnerable, LDCs are taking global leadership.

The LDC REEEI articulates a dedication by LDCs to embark on transformative action, set their own course, and take charge of their own future.